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     I first heard of the A/FX cars inaugural outing at AHRA Winter Nationals at the Bee Line Dragway, where they overwhelmed everyone with their awesome look and “Funny” stance.     I saw AWB (altered wheelbase) cars at Connecticut Dragway in '65; First Bill Flynn’s Yankee Peddler, then cars like Melrose Missile, Color Me Gone, California Flash,  Dave Strickler and Dick Landy to name a few.

     They were ungainly as they waddled up to the starting line on early wrinkle wall slicks and burned through the rosin several times before their runs.  It was magic! I never forgot it and thought I might get a 65 Plymouth someday and recreate an A990 car.   So, I stashed away that dream for about 35 years and then started talking about it to my friends.   Then ..

     Paul Hotkowski , who campaigned a Pro-Stock Duster in the early 70’s called me one day in 2004 and had found a drag car for sale in Kansas that would be a perfect candidate for 10/15 surgery.  I kicked the AWB idea around with friend Bill Atwood .   Bill has 30 years plus experience in building and tuning performance cars and he specializes in MOPAR's.  He built his award winning ’69 Plymouth 4-speed Hemi GTX that is his daily driver and weekend racer.  Bill makes dreams come true and the rest is history (after only 500 hours, a few dollars, and a few scrapes here and there). 

     Conclusion: This project is not for the faint of heart. This was a commitment that I underestimated at the onset, but was all worth it.  For the critics that thought Bill and I were crazy - you were right!

     And to all the friends that stopped by during the process to lend support in one way or another.  Thanks!

--Gary Gerard