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We hope this page will become a meeting place for builders and racers of nostalgic 60's era AFX and S/S cars.  While we are MOPAR Hemi addicts ourselves, we welcome altered wheelbase folks of any persuasion, Thunderbolts, and others of the type who love the sport.  Our goals are to bring the excitement and spirit of that era to a new generation of drag racing and show fans in the mid and north east. 

If you show or race your car and would like to join us here, please contact Gary at or 860-604-8777.  The folks included here agree to be contacted by others to arrange match races, demonstrations, and shows featuring our kind of cars.

We will be happy to post your digital pictures here and a schedule of racing and show events for each car if you keep us up to date.

Meet the Gang

Click on a car below for more pics, event schedules, and contact information

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Gary Gerard's "Flashback"


Bill Atwood's McKesson


Brian Silverman's 65 Dodge AWB AFXer

New York

Dan Householder's 65 Dodge AFXer


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Mark Keshishian's AFX Plymouth underway.

We wish Mark the best.

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Dean Miller's Funny Car Project

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Steve Magnante's Wilshire Shaker


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Mark Tyrol's Gold Rush

1965 Dodge Coronet A/FX


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Earl Storey's Storey Time

1965 Chevy II

Westboro, MA

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Tim Hennessey

AWB Dodge

Canadaigua, NY

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John Grinwald from Wisconsin.

John's car is the "Ashphalt Elephant

and is a great looking and performing

62 Dodge Dart. 

Also, his new project is coming together:

Gold Digger

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